How to Unblock Websites

Published: 11th June 2010
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The internet possesses an enormous wealth of information for people all over, and research into any topic is made achievable by an internet service provider (ISP) and your computer. Nevertheless there are several websites which have data that should not be viewed by minors, while other sites should be left alone altogether as they may taint your PC with malicious software. Modern computers come with software installed that will aid in preventing the user from visiting unsafe websites however, there are occasions when a good website may be blocked by mistake, here is what you need to unblock it.

Required Tools

Internet Connection
Web Browser
Pen / Pencil

Required Material



To unblock a formerly blocked website an individual would first be required to conclude if the website was blocked by the computer or the ISP. Write down any of the following modifications you make so you can reenter them if necessary.

Firstly check your browser's notification when you visit the website in question for any warnings which might be displayed. There may be a visible pop-up that states that the browser has blocked entry to the site. Some browsers may allow you to ignore the caution and proceed. However, if there is no option to ignore and continue then the website may have been blocked by a setting in the browser that totally denies admission to particular websites.

To change this setting and allow entry to the website in question go to TOOLS, SETTINGS or INTERNET OPTIONS. You might see under SECURITY an alternative to automatically block certain websites and from here you may un-check that box to permit admission. If these changes do not remedy your issue, restore the options to their former settings and check your internet security suite.

All software security suites like NORTON INTERNET SECURITY or BIT-DEFENDER INTERNET SECURITY will typically have an alternative to disable the security for a short time or until the next time the PC is restarted. The alternative for disabling your security can be found by right-clicking on the icon for your security suite and then clicking on the appropriate DISABLE alternative. If you succeed in accessing the site now, reboot your computer and set up a security exclusion for the website in your security suite. This is achieved by finding the right menu in your security suite and adding the address for the site which you want to visit.

If you have checked your browser and your internet security suite and see that the website you wish to visit is still blocked then probably the site is being blocked by your ISP. As such your next step is to perform an online search for FREE ONLINE PROXY or FREE PROXY. Subsequent to performing this search you may come across different site with colorful names like HIDEMYASS.COM which should provide you with a means to get around your ISP for entry to the website of your choice.

Tip and Warning

Another reason for avoiding malicious or blocked sites include the fact that a website which was previously safe might no longer be safe and may be flagged because of this by search engines or security suites. If the site is cleaned of whatever malicious software may have been put there then the warning flag may be detached and you can visit the website without a warning once again.

Even if you end up using a free proxy to go around whatever restrictions your ISP might have, your action may still be watched or monitored by your ISP. So it is best to avoid malicious sites totally and try not to go around your ISP unless totally needed.

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