Here are some Dollywood Tips

Published: 04th June 2010
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Dollywood Tips

Dollywood is a family fun theme park owned by the country music star Dolly Parton and the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation. The park initially opened up as a small tourist destination back in 1961 as "Rebel Railroad". In 1986, along with the partnership of Dolly Parton, the park was renamed as "Dollywood". Located in Tennessee, it is the largest employer in Pegion Forge. Dollywood has an assortment of rides, shops, shows, carnivals and much, much more. Here are some tips if you plan to visit Dollywood for a few days.


Purchase your tickets well in advance, to save time when you get to the park. The best way to do this is online. If you enter the park after 3pm, you can return on the next day for free. You can easily find details on the Dollywood site regarding the tickets.

Eat before you go

The food at Dollywood is pricey, it will be a good idea to eat and go for your outing at Dollywood. Although outside food and drinks are not allowed here, the restaurants will offer you free water, and there are many water fountains as well to quench your thirst as it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated.


Dollywood is a great place to visit with your children in tow. You will find many facilities such as toddler rides, baby care center, changing stations, family restrooms and many more. Dollywood even has shops that sell baby food, baby amenities, etc. You can bring your own stroller or even rent one at Dollywood, the fee is $10 for a single and $15 for a double stroller. The best part is that all children under the age 3 can enter free of cost.

Dress for action

Get light clothes that you are comfortable in and will dry easily. Dollywood does not allow swimsuits with buckles, or other sharp objects. Even shoes with buckles are not permitted, sandals or sports shoes are recommended. Since Dollywood is a family oriented theme park, appropriate clothing is essential.

Visiting times

The best days to visit are Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the best time to visit during Christmas is the weekdays. Avoid going to the park in the weekends unless you like waiting in lines and being swallowed up by crowds.


Get your own backpack to carry your money, sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, keys, spare dress, hand sanitizer etc. Don't forget to get some sort of waterproof cover for your camera or mobile, as they can get wet in the water rides.


As soon as you enter the park start from the back, and work your way to the front. This way you can cleverly beat the crowds as the rides in the front fill up first.

Dollywood maps and guides

Before your adventure, download all the latest maps, schedules and guides to help you in your excursion. This will save you a lot of time at the park.

Wet rides

Group all your wet rides in the beginning of your day, so that you can dry off later or go for them at the last, so that you don't have to walk around wet.


There are so many queries as to where you can find cheap Dollywood coupons. Check online, you can easily find some great coupons that will get you free rides, parking etc.

Come and leave early

Coming early to Dollywood can be great as you would get an easy parking spot and you can beat the rush by going for the rides before the lines get too long. Leaving about 30 minutes early is not a bad idea either, because you can beat the rush at the parking place and the huge rush coming out of Dollywood.

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